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72.9% decrease in CPA in 3 weeks

Jordan Evans
June 22, 2023
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The challenge

  • Achieving a profitable CPA on TikTok
  • Sourcing on-brand creators
  • Systemising a consistent flow of high converting creative

The result

  • 72.9% decrease in CPA
  • Unlocked a new customer acquisition channel
  • Systemised funnel for long term growth



We started working with CRAFTD in the middle of 2022 just as it was becoming apparent to brands that there was a massive opportunity with TikTok Ads. CRAFTD is the fastest growing men’s jewellery brand in the world and was looking to test TikTok as a new acquisition channel and secure a competitive advantage with the platform.


The brand simply did not have the time, experience or resources to implement a TikTok  strategy in-house. So our first action point was to plan out 3 months of proven and effective campaigns.

Our ad creative was UGC heavy which is effective on both TikTok and Facebook. Making the marketing congruent across each platform caused an instant improvement in results. And we saw a decrease in CPA of 72.9% in a matter of 3 weeks. We implemented a strategy which consisted of using TikTok for Top of Funnel efforts to send lots of cheap traffic to the client’s store where we then collected pixel data to retarget on Facebook where their customers were more likely to purchase. Omnichannel marketing has a compound effect and each platform works more effectively when combined and budget is allocated correctly.


Allocating budget in the correct place is essential for predictable growth and so we use tools like Triple Whale to monitor the true success of our campaigns. There were large discrepancies between the TikTok and Facebook ad dashboard and our tracking software so after making a few decisions based on the truest point of attribution our revenue and overall results improved.

Double attribution is a major problem that E-com businesses face as the majority of good marketing agencies work on a commission basis. Our tracking guarantees that no double attribution takes place which means that not only is our ad data more accurate (Allowing us to make better marketing decisions) but were not charging over the odds for double attribution across multiple platforms.


Above everything, a focus on new creatives and angles was the main driver behind this brand's success. Developing a successful creative format was essential for us to understand where we could double down our marketing dollars. A successful creative format can be iterated on, over and over again.

The way people are consuming content has changed vividly from just a few years ago and now UGC is leading the charge with our results. This led us to develop our script writing team to ensure ads were extremely compelling and up to date with trends. We also built out a video editing department in order to re-use and develop more creatives from single video shoots, this reduced the cost of video production and massively increased our ad ROAS.


Having a clear roadmap and expected destination helps us smash deliverables when they need to be executed.

This brand struggled to escape its state of entropy and needed a clear plan of action combined with new-age marketing techniques to scale to the next level.

Brands need to be conscious of upcoming marketing opportunities as the landscape for DTC changes so frequently. A small shift in creative strategy and platform led us to increase this brand's revenue and overall profitability of the business.

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