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From a £19.38 cost per lead down to £0.69 in 8 days

Jordan Evans
August 19, 2023
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The challenge

  • Rising Cost Per Lead on paid acquisition channels
  • Achieving a profitable CPA past £100/day spend
  • Reaching a high quality audience on TikTok

The result

  • Lifetime CPL £2.59, CAC £4.45
  • Profitable £2,240 daily spend
  • 29,978 leads generated


We started working with this company at the beginning of 2023. They offer competitive car financing and had stopped running their Meta ads due to unprofitability and their only source of leads were via Google PPC. They tested a small budget on TikTok ads and Facebook ads in-house and saw promising initial results but were unable to scale past £100 per day as they didn’t have the knowledge, resources or systems to break through this plateau.



With Google PPC the brand were achieving a cost per lead between £16.52 to £19.38 but within our first 8 days working together on TikTok Ads we were able to achieve a £0.69 cost per lead at a £200 per day spend. As we continued to increase daily spend to £1,600, the CPA did rise as expected but we still came in way under the Google CPA even at volume and CPA slowly started to decrease again as the account stabilised. Over the campaign lifetime we’ve maintained a £2.59 cost per lead at a £4.45 customer acquisition cost.


Before Working With Motion

  • £11.96 CPA (CPL)
  • £99,101,04 ad spend

After Working With Motion

  • £2.47 CPA (CPL) (5x cheaper)
  • £21,251 ad spend in month 1
  • >60% approval rating:
  • "Highest approval rate we've ever had! It's like Facebook 2018 again getting leads this cheap after working with Motion" - CEO

Do you want consistent quality leads for your company?


The business simply did not have the time, experience or resources to implement and scale a consistent flow of quality leads. So our first action point was to plan out 3 months of proven and effective campaigns.

We opted to start with TikTok advertising as there was already a proven opportunity there with very little competition. We planned to reintegrate Meta ads back into the mix at a later date once we had collected pixel data from our efforts with TikTok rather than trying to reach cold audiences on Meta where traffic tends to be more expensive.

Due to TikTok’s low cost CPMs we were able to drive lots of cheap, high quality, traffic to the companies website to collect 26,978 leads and by Month 4 we began running Meta ads again retargeting the audiences we’d collected through TikTok using the winning ad creative we’d identified on TikTok. This strategy finally made Meta profitable again for our client.


Above everything, a focus on new creatives and angles was the main driver behind this success. Developing a successful creative format was essential for us to understand where we could double down our marketing dollars. A successful creative format can be iterated on, over and over again.

At the height of the accounts spend we were scripting, filming and editing over 120 unique ad creatives for the month based on data-driven decisions and iterating on winning creative.

The way people are consuming content has changed vividly from just a few years ago and now UGC are leading the charge with our results. This led us to develop our script writing team to ensure ads were extremely compelling and up to date with trends. We also built out a video editing department in order to re-use and develop more creatives from single video shoots, this reduced the cost of video production and massively increased our ad ROAS.


Having a clear roadmap and expected destination whilst also spotting competitive advantages on certain platforms helped us smash deliverables.

This company struggled to escape its plateau and diversify into new marketing channels to stay ahead of competition in this highly competitive industry and needed a clear plan of action.

Being aware of upcoming opportunities are vital to growth as the marketing landscape changes so frequently.

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