Our story

September 2014

Our founder, Jordan, started his first Shopify store.

At 16 Jordan started his first Shopify store. This was back in the days when you could pay pennies for a promotion on an Instagram theme page with 100k followers and dropshippers were thiriving. This fueled his passion for eCommerce and social media.

November 2021

Jordan went viral with his very first post on TikTok. Immediately he was hooked.

After researching all the common elements of what made a viral video, Jordan realised that there was a formula which could be replicated. His first video got 820k views and he eventually accumulated millions of views in a matter of weeks and built his following to 24,000.

January 2021

Motion was born.

After his own success on TikTok, companies started to reach out to Jordan to ask for help with their accounts. TikTok wasn't anything new by this point but there were still a lot of brands hesitant to invest into the platform. Motion seemed like the obvious venture to pursue.

Febrary 2022

Motion helped scale clients to millions of organic views.

In the beginning, Motion was helping not only eCommerce stores but also SaaS companies and personal brands reach millions of people organically. It has since pivoted to service purely DTC eCommerce brands, most notably CRAFTD and Circulr.

July 2022

Investment from Danny Buck.

In July '22, Jordans results caught the eye of eCommerce and agency veteran, Danny Buck, CEO of Brandbuildr, who invested in Motion to help grow their team and scale client results.


We're helping 7-8 figure eCommerce brands around the world take advantage of the massive opportunity that TikTok presents.

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